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Zapata Security offers security services to anywhere in the state of Texas.
Security Guard Services

Whether you need security for a multi-business corporation, construction site, office building, community event, or to mobilize in a time of crisis, Zapata Security has the officers, the training, and the equipment to provide you with the professional standard that is clearly a trademark.

security services for the state of texas
What type of Officer can Zapata Security provide?

Officers of Zapata Security are available in many different levels of experience. Despite the different levels, on characteristics stays the same; the highest professional standards.


The popular use of PSOs is in shopping centers, executive business, hospitals, etc. The primary purpose of PSOs is the assurance of safe work environments, enjoyable visits, and satisfied customer environment.


The popular use for NCOs is construction sites, business areas with traffic, gated and controlled access facilities. The primary purpose for NCOs is a highly visible presence to deter and prevent liability, incidents, and offenses.They are licensed by the stated Texas to wear a uniform and work for a company, but they do not carry a fire arm.


The popular use for CSOs is in areas such as banks, stores patrol duties, government own/operated facilities, assisting Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and any other location where the requirements is needed for a highly trained and motivated officer. Commissioned security officers are licensed by the state of Texas to carry a fire arm while on duty.

What is the difference between NCO and CSO?

All officers are certified and licensed by the State of Texas. There is one distinct difference between the two. A Commissioned Security Officer is issued a commission by the Texas Department of Public Safety- Private Security Bureau. This commission requires the officer to go through training which includes a firearms qualification course, and the officer must re-qualify each year. This enables the officer and Zapata Security to provide armed officers to the client. The PPCT Defensive Tactics Course is highly emphasized to Commissioned Security Officers to enhance safety and reduced-liability.

What other training is provided other than that required by the State of Texas?

In addition to the training required by the State of Texas, Zapata Security requires its officers to go through the following programs designed to increase the professional standards and levels of service:

PPCT Defensive Tactics


Crime Prevention

Professionalism & Ethics

Cultural Diversity

Conflict Resolution

Liability & Legal Issues

Juvenile Management

Radio Communication

Report Writing & Observation

Classroom training & testing

Special Training Seminars

On-Site Specific Training

Zapata Security also provides the following:

Private Investigations

PPO (Personal Protection Officers)

Process Serving

Patrol Vehicles

Golf Carts

Bike Patrol

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